I have been practicing yoga off and on for nearly 10 years. I have experienced many different types of yoga and just as many different types of teachers both in the US and in India. Teresa has managed to combine all the best features of the various theories and all the best practices of the best teachers. I love how she creates an atmosphere that allows me to be totally present in the moment and to feel refreshed, limber and at peace when I leave her studio

~Nancy S.

I have enjoyed practicing yoga with Teresa for about 5 years. I have worked with several other yoga teachers and she is absolutely the most inspirational and beneficial. The physical flexibility and strength I have gained and the stress relief brought about by her focus on breathing and mindfulness have greatly improved my quality of life. I have been so impressed that I have recommended Teresa’s classes to many friends and neighbors. I even arranged for her to teach corporate yoga at my office, to bring much appreciated relief to my fellow employees who spend long hours sitting at computers. The mix of ages, skills and genders in her classes, as well as the loyalty of her long-term students, is a testament to the generosity and effectiveness of her teaching.

~Karen P.

Teresa is beautiful on the inside and out. She really cares about her clients and I appreciate her taking time to explain theory and “form” importance. She is kind and patient and when class is done she has a good sense of humor! I also admire her striving for more knowledge and continuing education and certifications. She is a real pro, has a warm giving heart and is a confident, thoughtful person. You need to come to her class and experience her style.”

~Michelle S.

I have been Teresa’s yoga student for more than 6 years, following her from [a previous fitness facility] to Onvo. She is the best teacher for students new to yoga and does a great job managing multiple skill levels in the same class. Teresa is a continual learner and brings her knowledge uniquely to each student. I am grateful for Teresa’s instruction and encourage others to join Shri Yoga classes at Onvo.

~Page T.

Teresa is a fantastic teacher! Every time I think I’m never going to understand a technique, she works with me at length, until I completely understand it. Thank you Teresa!


Teresa is a gifted yoga teacher. She brings a wonderful mix of experience, knowledge and kindness to her teaching.

Every class is balanced- as any good yoga class should be and she focuses on ensuring each student grows and leaves the class more connected and calm than when they arrived.

Teresa is trained in a variety of styles which brings incredible depth to her teaching, but her teaching is always grounded on sound principles of alignment.

~Lynne B.