Welcome to Shri Yoga with Teresa

Teresa Obert has been teaching highly regarded group, individual and corporate yoga classes in Bellevue, Washington and other areas of Seattle for over 19 years.

Please note, there Is a schedule change this month!

  • There area few schedule changes this month! Saturday April 7th and Saturday April 21st 9:30am self practice
  • Then April 10th 8:30am class canceled.
  • Then regular schedule resusmes!

Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Early in her practice Teresa searched for the right yoga until she realized there isn’t one right way. Yoga is not about being perfect. It is about balance in all areas of life, connecting mind, body, spirit and community, with no judgment.
Please join Teresa and her students as they seek strength, calm and grace together.

Namaste –

the divine within me recognizes the divine within you.